EV Charging Installation

EV Charging Installation

If any company (or person) decides to install EV charging stations, the installation should always be handled by a licensed electrician. The installation will be completed accurately, safely, and without future issues, if you do it this way.

Can I Install EV Charger By Myself?

Unless you’re lucky enough to be a certified electrician, you shouldn’t install an EV charger yourself. Not to be treated lightly, this is a serious matter. An improperly installed home charger poses a risk and can have disastrous consequences, like starting a fire.

Does My EV Charging Unit Need An Electrician To Be Installed? 


Electric vehicle charging stations must be installed by electricians in all locations and structures. This is due to the fact that working with electrical systems, wiring, and equipment without proper training is extremely risky. Installing an electric vehicle charger by an untrained electrician is against the law, dangerous for the person doing it, and dangerous for everyone because it increases the likelihood that future issues will arise.

EV Charger Installation Services You Can Trust

Electricians who install charging stations for electric vehicles must be adequately qualified and in possession of all necessary licenses and insurance. The Texas electricians at Double G Electric guarantee that the EV chargers will be installed expertly. The electric vehicle charger has a large number of parts, many of which are hazardous to handle. This is due to the fact that several cabling systems and the installation of various electrical devices and points are involved.

In order to ensure that each system is linked and installed correctly, an electrician with a license must do the EV charging installation. If they are put improperly, there is a greater likelihood that they won’t function effectively and that safety hazards will develop.

When we build electric vehicle charging stations, we ensure that the entire process is well thought out and finished. To avoid issues, each installation stage is carefully planned and supervised. After the installation is complete, tests will be run to ensure that your station functions flawlessly all year long.

Contact Double G Electric immediately for EV charging installation services.

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